4Knob PopD, a few low velocity samples seem to have a delayed onset?


Just bought the 4knob PopD and enjoy the sounds. A few samples seem to have been cut with a short delay before onset though.

To reproduce:

  • Load Essential D in Halion (Sonic SE3 standalone)
  • Set the MIDI velocity output from the keyboard to fixed, minimum (velocity = 1 of 127)
  • Play the notes E4 and F#4 together and slowly move the sensitivity knob on the 4Knob PopD from position 12 o´clock (straight up) to about 3 o´clock. In part of this area the notes drift out of sync, and there is a flamming effect.

Also try the same with E4 and G4 together, and the flamming is present all the way down to the lowest sensitivity setting.

I also reproduced this in Cubase 11, with recorded quantized notes to make sure they were playing in perfect sync, and got the same result at velocity 1-9.

This seem to affect notes between F4 -> G#4 and depends on the sensitivity setting, and as far as i know it only affects low velocity samples (i only tested velocity 1-9).

The delay is big enough to notice when playing soft passages on these notes, and layering of multiple patches can be problematic if the individual samples that make up the instrument are not in perfect sync (and phase) with each other.

I would be happy to hear if anyone else can reproduce this, and if this could be fixed in a future update?

Best wishes


Yes, I can reproduce this issue. I’m using Cantabile as host. There are certain combinations of notes in the range of F4 and above that are problematic, not only F4-G#4, but also for example G4 and C5 together. Exactly which combinations seems to depend on the Sensitivity setting.

Good to hear, thank you.

This needs to be fixed of course, hopefully Steinberg will respond to this thread soon.

I have opened a support ticket with Steinberg today regarding the pre delay in certain samples.

I have used the 4knob a bit more, and as you said the issue is not only with the F4-G#4 range. I feel a “lag” on some notes at certain velocities, For example when playing a C-scale with octaves from C2+C3 up to C3+C4, the F3 -> G3 notes are problematic (tested with the EssentialD).

I recorded the scale, quantized and set the velocity to max = 127. With the sensitivity setting at minimum you can hear it.

I´m not happy with my purchase in the current state, and without a playable demo you can´t really try these things out beforehand. Strange that the demomakers haven´t noticed the issue though…

Any response from Steinberg on your support ticket?
I have not yet got any response on my support ticket regarding strange noises on some samples.

No response :frowning: I don’t find it acceptable, and it reflects badly on Steinberg as a company.

Maybe you should try to contact the developer instead of Steinberg. So in this case it’s probably sampletekk.

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Hi! Per Larsson from SampleTekk here! Can you contact me direct at per@sampletekk.com and we’ll sort this out!

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Ok! I will send you a mail :slight_smile:
Best wishes

Just a heads up, there is an update of the 4knob piano now!
Good work! :grinning: