4knob PopD - Dynamics advice

Hi, can somebody tell me, why is dynamic of keybords so terrible while playing on any piano model from 4knop PopD instrument? I mean, if I press key on piano as softly as i can, it sounds like it was played with more force…is there some limit for weaknes tone? It annoys me, because on real piano I could play some parts of songs really pianissimo, but at this virtual instrument I am limited of that… Examples of my sound are on youtube channel - Piano karaoke cz … Can someone help me, how make tones more sensitive? I tried every setting of sensitivity, like at 4knov popD and on my piano (Roland fp30), and I tried set volume of every single played tone to 1 (lowest), and its still not like pianissimo…Or does anybode has expericne with another virtual pianos on proffesional level?
Thank you!