4Knob PopD Preset Update

  1. Version History
  • Fixes issues with starting points of some samples that caused latency
  • New „Ambience Control“ added
  • Repedaling On/Off button added
  • Updated manual available on steinberg.help
  1. Do I need the update?
  • You only need the update if the file “SampleTekk 4Knob PopD Presets.vstsound” has the Verison 3 (v3) or lower
  • Open the Steinberg Library Manager
  • Go to 4Knob PopD and select “DETAILS”
  • On the right side of the file, you can see the version (e.g., v3)
  1. How to install
  • Download “4Knob PopD Preset Update”
  • After the download click on the “Open” button
  • The Library Manager opens and asks you to register the file
  • Choose “Install to Default location” to update