4systems into one

Hello I have a 4-part composition in which there are always bars that are the same in all 4 voices. I would like to group these together in a system to make it a bit clearer. Can Dorico do something like this “automatically” by marking these bars and performing a “which?” operation?

Thanks for tips.

Greetings gogollny

Activate Condensing. You might need to apply condensing changes if you only want this done at some specific places in your score.

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Thanx but that doesn’t work properly because it also puts bars together that are different from each other…

TBH, if it’s only four staves, and occasional unison bits, I would just keep it as it is.

You make it less clear if the systems keep changing, and you probably won’t save much useful space, either.

Also: what four parts? SATB , string quartet, ??

No it is a spoken shouted Choir with many new music notation in it.
and it gets really moe and more unclear and space wasting…so it would be great to have the opportunity to do a vertical condensing not a horizontal…so jut a few special bars…

The workaround would be to create another player , calling it tutti or whatever and copy the "to condensed " music into this player, deleting the music in the 4 voices and hide empty staves…but that’s a bit odd… :wink:

Or just use one of the existing staves, and add some text to say “Tutti” or similar.

Yes, but that also means, that all the single voices are, to be printed, two -voice layouts … a bit messy. :wink:

That’s why I mentioned “condensing changes”. You would add a condensing change at the very beginning that deactivates it completely, then where you want condensing to happen you add another one that activates it. And so on :wink:


No, I meant use one of the existing staves for a single system of tutti, instead of creating a new player. No need for two voices.

Perhaps showing a screenshot might clarify what it is you want, and what the best result would be.

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Thank you,
I know, but when I put these tutti in voice 4 and than print voice 1 I need to put these special tutti bars into voice because it is a tutti bar which has to be shown in voice 1 as well…, no?


Ah sorry, will check that! Thank you!

I’m certainly confused. So you’re creating parts as well?

You can still hide staves that have music in them. So put the music in all four staves, but only show one of them in the score.

Adding a separate player for the tutti sections isn’t a bad way to go, because you can assign the tutti player to all the other part layouts that need to see that music.

Or, use one section player for the whole vocal section and use divisi to split them out as and when needed. That makes producing parts that only show one voice harder, though – but if you mean literal “voices” as in sung parts, your performers would probably prefer to see everyone else’s parts anyway, as reference and for pitch-finding purposes.

Thank you …thats what I thought too!

I do have another small question…is there any Circle that I adjust in size to use for notation…like the lines?

Depending on what you want to use it for, you could create a custom playing technique that uses any circle character/glyph/picture.

I do have 4 Groups of people that have to do some random talking that overlapps with the others in a part the composition, what I would like to ist to write the spoken words and the number of the group into that circle…and than overlapping it like the Olympic Rings where talk into each other…:wink: