4th Hardstyle Track I’ve ever made with Cubase 6!!! This is a remix from the song “Bolero Of Fire” from the Legend Of Zelda Orcarina of Time! ENJOY!!!


Listened through the whole thing, not sure what to say other than that I really dislike Hardstyle and this is no exception :confused:

haha all good mang everyone has their own taste in music.

I also listened to it from beginning to end.
I don’t think this is a matter of taste. I don’t like Harstyle at all, but when it’s done properly I can say that it is good hardstyle.
IMHO this type of music should get the adrenaline going once you are in a club. This piece will not do that.

Where is the momentum? Or in more abstract terms, what or where is the point of the piece?
It sounds like one intro, and I want to hear the dropdown, the beat where everybody wants to get on the dancefloor.

If you place the intro in a hard realilty cult movie then I can understand it, it has some rawness and violence, but after that, it doesn’t get further.

Redo the piece and make some nice sweeps, snare rolls, pull everything back and then blast in a brutal hardstyle 4 to the floor, roaler coaster.
otherwise this is not a hardstyle piece at all.

Keep it up!

Greetz Dylan.

I am not one who knows what this style is meant to do. Still, it grabbed me, and I liked it.

Thanks for the feedback bud. I am new with music production as I have stated and am not pro just yet! It is true this song isn’t as rowdy as many other hardstyle songs there are differen’t kinds. This song I was trying to make it feel like you were going back in time with the old N64 game!
Here’s an example of a “chilled” hardstyle song compared to a more jumpin song.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RG_3Awvc8LI <----chillin!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNS4hmfrnm8 <---- UNCE UNCE


Thanks! It will only get better I am bringing to the table my own style of the harder styles!

I listened to both chill and the unch unch (haha)

Both tracks have that flow I mentioned. It goes somewhere, has some composition that draw you in as a listener.
Your track has some elements, and if it’s your first track then yes you are on your way.
The sound (kick snare heavy bas) is there, I only miss the composition, Your track sounds ehm…hesitating? Like it does not know wich route to take. Maybe I am way of my comfort zone here, I also make electronic music but I have a singer/songwriter background so I am always looking for the song in something.

I would make a hook, a breakdown and a bridge, and line those elements up in a logical order.


intro > hook without kick > hook with kick > Bridge > Hook with kick > Breakdown > Bridge > Hook > Hook with kick > ending

And then make variations on all the hooks with snare Hihats Cymbals other synths etc.
While lining the different elements up you’ll have to figure out what it needs in order to be understood by your listeners. the introduction of a Hihat or a piece where the kick stops is crucial in this type of music. I believe that is the biggest art in making dance music. Making it go umpf umpf was an art but nowadays we can all achieve that rather easily.

Curious what you make next!

Greetz Dylan.

My track is different and I am aware of that. Again this is only my 4th track.
We will see what I decide to do with my next track, thanks for the replies!