4th of October, 1993

An unexpected by-product of the wee small hours on this New Year’s Day.
Good Italian vino plus Habanos to help it along. My son took words from an old travel diary
of mine and put them to music.

4th of October, 1993

Bass: J&D Luthiers
Drums: Roland
Keys & Pads: Roland & Korg
Guitars: Yairi classical & National lap steel
Bells: Campanile San Marco, Venezia

Jet :sunglasses:

The mix sounds really good to me.
The arrangement however is a bit odd. There seems to be very little musically that keeps the vocal melody and the rest of the instruments together. They appear completely unrelated to me, with no clear melodic hook or interaction between the singer and ‘band’.
But if that was intentional, then it sounds great :sunglasses:

WOW, incredible journey here. LOve the groove and the mix wish I had played on it lol
THe arrangement makes perfect sense to me, so nice to here out of da box stuff!!!
BTW Happy belated birthday!!!

after a couple listens I got my sea legs for this one. kind of a jazzy stroll through the day. theres a cool adlib style of some of the instruments that create that casual feel you speak of. enjoyed it much. one thing I thought of each time I listened was at the spot of, “it was my birthday” I naturally held that spot, sort of lingered on it longer than you did. not a big deal of course but it may have added a bit more drama there.
good stuff jet, and for yet again sneaking the lap steel in there :sunglasses:

What a thrill to record your son’s composition! He’s done a great job! Sounds really good, although if I could make a small comment, I’d make the kick less prominent.

Hello Jet,

Man, the two of you have taken a turn on this one. I really like the smoothness and of the method it was put together. Father and Son team…unstoppable. Say hello to Taylor. Well done Crawfords!


Hi Jet

The mix and band sound great. Loving the rhythm section. :sunglasses: I think this is one that I might need to listen to a few more times though. At the moment I keep wanting a break in the vocal lines at times. Sort of to let my slow brain take in the song. It could well be a grower. :wink: :slight_smile:

Mix sounds good as usual! :slight_smile: - nice feel throughout though a little outside my usual listening preferences. Instrumentation and vocal all sound good except I thought the bass tone was sounding kinda odd; a round and somewhat hollow sound, it didn’t really appeal to me and I found I was constantly aware of it in a nagging kind of way throughout the song. :confused: But I realise bass tones preferences are probably as personal as snares sounds are! :wink:

I have to agree, for me this lyric doesn’t really work as is to be honest. While I really like the idea and inspiration behind the lyrics I think there needs to be a LOT more space in the vocal lines, there’s just way too many words I reckon and therefore for me a little fatiguing. I’d be more tempted to pull out key lines and phrases from the original text and build a lyric that way.


Thanks for the listen. While I agree that this one won’t be
everyone’s cup-o-cha I’m not sure there is a total
disconnect between lyrics and music. The music
was arranged around the vocal/words and I thought it
did a good job of complimenting them. But I could be wrong. :wink:

Thanks for your comments Kenny. Yes, the keys could have
done with a “real” player’s touch. Glad you enjoyed the track.
It was indeed a memorable event.

Bob, thanks for your review. “Sea legs”, yeah…I think it takes several
listens for this one to gel. Know what you mean about a slightly longer
moment on that line, but we found it held things up. I can always find
a reason to drag out my steel. :wink:

Thanks for the comments and I’ll pass them on to Taylor.
I’ve indeed had an up-and-down relationship with the kick
and have now reduced it by a dB. Cheers!

John, great to see you around. It was a wonderful creative process and one in which
all I did was sit back and enjoy its unfolding. Oh, and I kept the glasses topped up!
Very happy you liked it. I will pass on your review to the writer!

Dave, cheers for the review. I’m glad you like the music, the bass and drums
took up a lot of time and energy, and I do hope
I’m right in suspecting that a few plays will indeed deliver this one up.

Hi Ian, thanks for the feedback. The bass is dead straight, compressed on the way in
and no EQ at all in the mix. I found anything else didn’t work.

Yeah, not everyone will take to this tune. However, for me, it works as is. Cheers!

Hi Jet

Listened a few times again this morning. It is kinda growing. :slight_smile: It actually came into my head that this would work great with a rap style vocal. :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

Funny you mention rap. I was on the brink of saying something about rap in my reply but decided against because I wasn’t so sure you (Jet) would take that very well.
To me, it sounds like in this song the vocal melody is not really related to the other instruments melody lines (like in rap music), but at least in rap music the rhytm in the vocal is strongly supported by the other instruments.

If it works for you then by all means leave it as you wish, you can’t please everyone and your own satisfaction is worth much more than mine :wink:
Still much respect from me for the mix though, I wish I could mix like that :sunglasses:

Hi Jet

The more I listen, the more I like and get it. :slight_smile: It’s odd when we come across something a little different to what we are accustomed to or expect. I am listening to quite a lot of bands now that at one time I didn’t get. As you said in my last thread, it’s good to take a few risks.

I notice too that you seem to be getting some jazz feel/influence in your tunes of late. It works nicely for you. :sunglasses:


I thinking it effing brilliant. It straddles genres and thereby creates something truly unique, outside of simple categorization. You know, the kind of thing Miles Davis did :sunglasses:

I also think music and topic compliment each other quite well

Also, what I REALLY like about this is that it’s a bit of a departure from the typical Pearldiver’s tune, and yet – it’s STILL clearly Pearldivers.

Disappointed there wasn’t a download/purchase option :angry: