5.0.0 > 5.5.3 or something in between?

Will be reformatting and installing in the next few days, and want to keep v5 around. My disc is 5.0.0

Can I go straight to 5.5.3, or do I need something in between?

Thanks in advance.

Aloha J,

After reading your post I pulled out my old C5 box (HUGE) and took a look.

AFAIR I went right from C5.0 to C5.5 and then later did the update.
So it looks to me that you are ‘good to go’.

But to be fair that WAS loooong ago and I may be wrong on this.

Perhaps it would be best wait a bit till someone chimes in to confirm.

Good Luck!


There isn’t a Cubase 5.5.3 ISO image, you have to do as curteye posted.
Instal Cubase 5 then update to 5.5. and then to 5.5.3:

Best regards,

Thanks guys!

You are actually right…

He has to install from the Dvd which is 5.0.0 and then to 5.5.0 and to the last one, 5.5.3…

I recently reinstalled it.