5.1.1 update won't install on XP

Downloaded the 5.1.1 update and tried to install. After a loading screen completed, got a error message box saying it had encountered a error trying to open the exe file. Figuring I might have had the file corrupt during download, I downloaded the update again (7pm CST). Same result. I saw someone else was having problems installing on Windows 7, but since I’m on Windows XP I would open a new topic.

Please uninstall Nuendo, reinstall from DVD and use the update to 5.1.1 with no other updates in between.

This must be a joke - right ?

Well, XP isn’t officially supported… so, probably not.


Okay guys, the only joke I see here are two people not being able to add some value to this topic but still feel the need to post. If you don’t have anything to say, just don’t! Thank you!

If you would read the other threads you would see, that we aren’t the only ones…

From the Steinberg site :
Minimum System Requirements of Nuendo 5
The system requirements state the minimal specification your computer must have to be able to use the software.

Supported operating systems: Windows XP SP2 (32-bit), Windows Vista and Windows 7

XP is supported. Says so on page 12 of the N5 operational manual. And when you go to the site to download the 5.1.1 update, just above the update link it also says XP, Vista, and 7.

Thanks for your reply EdDoll. I have to admit I’m a little disappointed in the answer though. I’ve done every update on every version from N3 on up without any problems. And seeing how others are also having problems with the update I have to wonder if a update (with a better working installer) might be possible. I ask since we’re a commercial studio and the thought of uninstalling (and having to move preferences, plugins, etc. out, then back again) doesn’t look like fun.

If we stay at 5.1.0, will we encounter the same problem with future updates (say a 5.5)? I ask because your reply makes me think something is wrong with the 5.1.0 update.

oops… I suppose it is only Cubase that is W7… :slight_smile:

Sometimes Windows Installer breaks its own installs. Steinberg installs suffer by this sometimes, sometimes other.

By uninstalling N5, then reinstall from DVD, then apply 5.1.1 you won’t lose any settings or plugs.
So the whole procedure will only take you about 20 minutes.

Just go to add/remove programs, uninstall, then reinstall.

I think it is sad that this happened once again with this update, but it isn’t only Steinberg to blame.
Using the Windows Installer is about the only way to support proper installs in Win Vista / Win7.

Non of this applies to the Mac, and there you can overwrite with any installer.


OK - fair enough.
I did manage to install the update with the individual installer as forum member blob suggested.
It was the combination of the 5 (32-64-NEK-eLicenser) installers that doesn’t work.


Thanks to everyone for trying to help. I may not be a genius on computer, but every time I’ve uninstalled a program it has removed all folders and the directory for that program (which means I lose my N5 settings, prefs, etc. unless I spend extra time backing them up). But I still want to know (from a Steinberg rep) if I don’t update to 5.1.1 will it mess up future updates (I ask because in the 5.1.1 readme it points out updating from 5.1.0 as the way to do it … which isn’t working here).

Paul, I looked at the option you mentioned. I’m not sure how to use it. Could you explain the steps you used? Thanks.

Just want to add a little perspective.

Sh*t happens sometimes. and it could be way worse.

When I upgrade from protools 7.4 to PT8, I followed all the instructions, double checked as I always do etc. At the end of the installation, computer requires a restart…

And that computer never started again. even with a fresh install of xp, it never played nice with my digi hardware again.

I moved to win7 and so far so good. (no issues with 5.1.1 installation, 32 and 64 installed as expected)

So while updates and patches not going as expected sucks, just consider the alternitive. Nuendo is a Post production Ferrari. It’s delicate and will get you chicks.
Just saying

Regarding XP…

To say it with the words of my favourite archeologist:

“That belongs in a museum!”

I’ve got perspective in spades. Stuff happens (especially when computers are involved). And I too have a favorite saying regarding XP:

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” :smiley:

Just trying to ask a simple question of a Steinberg rep.

There’s nothing wrong with the updates as it has worked flawlessly on almost all systems so far. It’s just that those things can happen due to whatever circumstances and doing a reinstallation usually helps.
I think that a 5.5 update installer will cover all previous versions so updating from 5.1 should be possible too.

Hello guys!

Although I understand your frustration about installer, I can’t get what is so wrong with Ed suggestion about reinstalling from dvd… Will take about 15 minutes… Lesser then waiting for another solution.

Agreed! The problem (as I said) is mostly windows installer. A simple reinstall from DVD fixes this.


Thanks for responding EdDoll.

As for the previous two posts, our problem ( and wanting info from Steinberg so we can make an informed decision) seems to bothering you much more than us. We’re a commercial studio. Any down time costs us money from lost sessions and client good will. Unfortunately, too many times “a simple 15 minute” solution has not gone the way it should have (I remember us doing a Microsoft recommended update from SP2 to SP3 … result was BSOD and unable to reboot system … had to call in a tech & cancel sessions). I understand you’re trying to help. But one thing I hate about forums is when someone goes on a forum asking the company for advice so they can make an informed decision and then are given a hard time by other forum members because they don’t want to do it the way those forum members want. I respect your POV … please respect ours.