5.1.20 Upgrade Crashing

I have just installed the 5.1.20 upgrade to Dorico. It opens ok, and I can open a file, but every time I press P to play it crashes completely. It is impossible to use it … did I do something wrong? The update was automatic through the Steinberg Download Assistant - everything completed properly. It all looked fine, until I tried to use the programme? help!! I cannot work now.

Sorry to hear that, Peter. Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here. If the zip file is larger than 4MB and can’t be attached, please send it to me via email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Many thanks for the speedy response! Diagnostics attached.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (421.4 KB)

Does this crash occur with every project you try, Peter, or is the problem apparently limited to just one? If you could attach the project you’re working on so I can take a look at it, that would be very helpful.

Same here (upgrade crashing). I cannot open Dorico from the Dock. Dorico cannot connect with the Audio Engine.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1,7 Mo)

[Edit] Somehow, a restart helped (after several attempts not restarting).

Ah, interesting. Well I am able to work on one, smaller project, but the project attached I cannot do anything other than open it. Note entry, playback, anything really causes an instant crash.
Orch_piece_a.dorico (1.8 MB)

So, I just tried to open all of my recent projects, and in fact you’re right: it is only this one project that provokes the crashing. All copies of it crash - there are a few before the one I sent. Pity, since it is what I am working on. It was absolutely fine with the previous version of Dorico - with which it was created. No problems at all - in fact I have always found Dorico to be extremely robust.

I can reproduce this too with your file. It crashes for me on Win11 when using D5.1.2.

Can confirm, your file crashes here as well. Win 11.

Thanks for providing the file, Peter. There’s a problem with the improvements we’ve made to the playback of trills at a constant speed over a tempo change (even though there’s no tempo change at the problematic moment, as it happens). We’ll fix this as soon as we can, but in the meantime, a workaround for this project should be to deactivate Play generated trills at constant speed during tempo changes on the Trills page of Playback Options. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Thanks for this: however, I’m sorry to say that this does not solve the issue for me.
I can open the Playback Options page, and I can deselect the Trills option you mention, but when I press Apply the application crashes. The selection remains selected when I reopen Dorico.
How do I get it to accept the parameter change?

Apologies, Peter, you’re quite right. Please find attached a version of the project where this option has been deactivated:

Orch_piece_a.dorico (1.1 MB)

I also tried to remove the trills (this may be naive!) but I really can’t do anything at all with this file.
It opens, but any action causes a crash.

Thanks so much for all your efforts Daniel. Unfortunately, the version you just sent me also crashes.
I attach the diagnostics just in case.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (564.9 KB)

My continued apologies, Peter. In this version I have removed the troublesome trill (which is in bar 47 in the Oboe 1 part; the trill at the same place in the Piccolo isn’t causing a problem, but it’s conceivable that it could, so I removed that one too).

Orch_piece_a.dorico (1.1 MB)

Thank you Daniel. That works. I take it I need to be careful about trills for a bit?

Yes, trills on very short notes in tuplets, or even normal length notes but where they are split into shorter noteheads, if you end up with a really short notehead value, either on its own as part of a tie, spanned by a trill, you could end up with a problem.

Hello, Daniel!
Thank you so much for your immediate help!
Unfortunately, I’m having exactly the same issue. My project doesn’t even contain any orchestral instruments or trills. It’s a band thing with guitars, pianos and voices, however, including quite some 3rd party VSTi-plugins. Dorico crashes on me whenever I touch anything to do with playback – can’t open the playback window of the project, can’t push play, can’t change anything in the playback options page…
As far as I’m aware, it only happens in that one project of mine, the others seem to work fine. It might be the case that the project in question is pretty much the most extensive one I have (in terms of tracks and plugins), so it needs a lot of computing power. Still, even if it was my weak-ish laptop opting out, I’d expect audio drop-outs, crackling or no sound at all, but not an entire crash.
So I am at a loss here, too. Even if I’d wanted to mute tracks or deactivate plugins in order to make it run, I can’t do it, not being able to open the playback window.
Is there anything I still could try?
Thanks again,

P.S.: I must add, there are a lot of very short notes in the guitar solos, would this be the problem?

I think you would need to attach your file here in order to get some substantial help.

Thank you for replying! I just wouldn’t want to go ahead and push it into anyone’s face unprompted, in case the problem was already identified and could be answered in general.
Another thing is that unfortunately, I can’t upload my file since the size is 17,7 MB, and I don’t have any file server platform to share a link of.