5.1.30 SE/Elements Menu Modifications

Dorico Elements 5 user. I greatly appreciate the upgrades from SE to Elements and while I at times have wished to use an option available only in the Pro world, I can’t justify the price for my particular situation. This said, I am very aware of the feature differences having spent sufficient time researching the options before purchasing Elements.

I’m not happy with the update to the menu structure of 5.1.30. While it does increase visibility of features people like me haven’t paid for, for some of us, that was a conscious choice of which I’d prefer not to be continually reminded. If I wanted such popups, I could have gone with a competing product. At best it is extra bloat and noise to the GUI, at worst, it is a persistent advertisement on any misclick.

The obvious solution is to memorize and/or create a few more keyboard shortcuts avoid ever seeing the menu again. That said, if there happens to be a checkbox I’m missing or other means to remove these features from menu visibility, please point me in that direction. If not, such a feature would be greatly appreciated.


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This has been brought up recently:

If you have a read of it, there may be a way for you to “undo” the update…

Thanks for the link. I don’t know why that thread didn’t come up in my initial search. I missed it in scrolling and I searched for “menu” and “5.1.30” but should have searched for “locked.” If an admin wants to forever delete this thread, please do so. I’ll move my comments to the post I missed.

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I’d say that someone will just close and combine this thread for you.