5.1 bus insert

I need help concerning 5.1 busses. I would like to use the inserts with my third party plug ins. As soon as I insert them to a 5.1 bus they only affect the LR. Or I can route the plug ins to other two channels in the routing menu. How can I make them affect all 6 channels of the track. This is possible in Logic X. How do I do that in Nuendo 8.2.

Use mono/stereo third party plugins and route them to the desired channels.
Stereo on L/R and Ls/Rs, mono instances on Center and LFE.

Granted, you can not link the parameters together, therefore you need multichannel plugins, but it works fine.


Proper answer, Fredo*), but I think this is exactly what user Tjandrawarsosumarto tries to avoid.

Automatic conversion of a mono-plug-in to multi-mono (with parameter-linking, but - of course - without proper multi-channel features like side-chain links) works with most (but not all) VST3 plug-ins. It works better in ProT**ls, though, sorry to say so. :-/

*) Hi Fredo, long time no see. :wink: