5.1 / control room / and busses

So I’ve been using the control room to flick between different monitoring setups when mixing in stereo.

How do you go about doing this when working in 5.1?

I need to set up busses so I can choose to work in only the L , R and Ls and Rs channels for example - but I do that in the outputs section of VST connections which I normally have disabled since I’m using the control room.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


Sorted it.

I wont use child busses… I’ll just mute the speakers from within the surround sound panner.


Lots of luck with that one - I find it very hard actually seeing what channels are muted and what ones are not.
Child busses work well for me.
Another thing that works for me is my control surface - this has the ability to flick between setups at the press of a button.
One “Gotcha” for the unwary - when going from 5.1 to stereo, check the hidden “MixConvert” and get rid of normalization which is on by default.

Yup… same for stereo to mono.

Can’t honestly remember the last time I did not go in & reset these at the very top of any project.
It’s a real trap for the unwary - desperately needs to be either changed or turned into a preference - OFF, but choose ON if you really want it.

Had a few of us going nuts for a while, “why doesn’t the software mono downmix sound the same as hardware mono switching” haha

Eventually found the hidden Normalise button. Why on earth would this default to on?