5.1 eq with ability to eq each channel individually

Is this doable with VSTs?
I know in protools it is.

Bye / Tumppi

That’s a somewhat neglected issue. You either have to use 6 individual mono EQs in Nuendo and route them by hand (… a procedure which is known to be buggy, BTW), or you use 3rd-party plug-ins with dedicated multichannel capabilities:

I guess this is something to create then. :wink:

AFAIK Fabfilter Q3 Pro can do that.


Well, like I wrote - these plug-ins exist already.

Maybe within Nuendo, instead of 3rd party… Make the standard Nuendo plug ins surround capable.

yes, this is what I wish for.

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I hardly dare to say it, but the solution in ProT**ls is the most obvious one: For any kind of multi-channel format you’re able to select the mono-version of any plug-in which will be assembled to a virtual multi-channel instance then. All settings follow the selected sub-channel, unless this hard “linking” is unlocked manually.

… not perfect, especially in case of dynamics, reverbs etc., but certainly good enough for EQs, filters and the like.

VST3 standard supposedly supports this, but still it doesn’t work with most 3rd party plug-ins.

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Exactly. PT does this very well…

FabFilter Pro Q3.
But yeah, wishing all VST3 plugins could be natively multichannel with linking.

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Oh oui, j’aimerais (-;
And why not the Frequency 2