5.1 glissando question

When bending pitch, you often want it to return to zero some time after the end of the target note, so that the return to zero isn’t heard during its decay. For example:

Currently, I’m simply drawing a line that extends the bend:

… but it would be so nice if I didn’t have to do that, since it largely defeats the whole purpose of automation. Does Doric 5.1 provide some simpler way of doing this that I’ve overlooked?

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And it also should be noted that two adjacent glissandi will prevent any legato as the note lengths are changed by the glissandi but cannot be hand edited are affected by slurs anymore.

This makes up and down glissando impossible to realise in a smooth fashion as far as I can tell !

Not impossible to realize (for example, I have a trombone slide vibrato note that I simulate using rapid alternating up-down MIDI pitch bend), just not doable without manual edits to Dorico’s pitch bend line.

To answer the initial question, Milo, no, Dorico doesn’t provide a way of delaying the pitch bend return automatically. We could look into adding a delay if we detect that the glissando target note is followed by a rest rather than another note. I’ve made a note of this, and we’ll try to take care of it in due course.


Thank you, sir, and Happy Christmas!

Another issue, if I may… just to gauge Dorico 5.1’s glissando fidelity, I slowed one of my cello slides to tempo q=50, and got this rendering from the application:

Very nice for the most part, but with a clearly audible drop in pitch before the staccato C#. I’m not sure what’s happening because the drop clearly occurs before the return to pitch zero in the MIDI pitch bend graph.

If I remember rightly, Dorico returns the pitch bend to zero a fraction before the onset of the next note.

I see. Probably not worth worrying about, honestly; this is an issue only at the most elegiac tempos. (All the same, it might be worth it to allow the user to nudge the time of the zero bend. :man_shrugging:)

I have yet another question on this topic:

Is there some way for me to tell Dorico to reset the pitch bend when playback is stopped or restarted? When I restart playback in the middle of a bent note, it stays bent until the next MIDI instruction.

I am used to midi sequencers resetting pitch bends on Stop.

Dorico does indeed send pitch bend reset messages on each channel when playback is stopped, along with the various other messages like “all notes off”, etc.