5.1 Instrument Family doesn't change brackets


I am quite excited to hear the Instrument Families editor and the ability to control how Dorico bracket staves. However, it looks like the change made to instrument families has no effect on how Dorico brackets percussions. Would anyone be able to suggest why?

What I need is one bracket across the whole percussion section expect Timpani which should be along. As shown in the screenshot bellow, I created a new family called “timpani” and another family called “orchestral percussion” and made all instrument I used in project solely belonging to one of the family I created. I thought this should make the Dorico group everybody in “orchestral percussion” together, and leave timpani along. Instead, it still groups timpani with other percussion and put another bracket for some other instrument.

Is there anything I missed? Thanks for help.

Timpani family I created only for timpani:

Orchestral percussion family I created to include all other percussion instrument I use in the project, note I deselected their original family so it shouldn’t be influenced by their default families.

You’re not missing anything. What’s happening is that when you edit the family for a factory-defined instrument, Dorico is still also considering the factory-defined families rather than only looking at your custom one. This is something that we are going to change in the next update.

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Thanks Daniel, will it be in a hot fix that we could expect in the nearest future or something planned for next bigger update?

I assume you mean there is no way to prevent Dorico from considering the default family settings in the current version so manual adjustments in Engraving mode is still the best way to go?

For the time being, you will indeed need to make manual adjustments in Engrave mode, yes. We expect to release a small update in January that fixes a few problems discovered in Dorico 5.1.

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I sens a private Message with a Problem too
IT seem top be a bug