5.1 iPad/Windows various issues

Apologies if these are already known. Congratulations on the release, even though its a minor free update it contains some game changers, for me particularly Iconica on the iPad which makes it fully capable desktop replacement for writing.

Some minor issues FYI

  • (iPad) On a fifth generation iPad Pro 12” with 8GB RAM I get the warning about Iconica (both at load and in the UI) and it thinks I only have 4 GB
  • (iPad) On reopening the project I keep getting the (erroneous in my case) 4GB warning. If I was on a 4GB iPad one time should be sufficient
  • (Both) When first setting the playback template for Iconica playing free playing on the keyboard results in short duration notes - not held for the duration of the keypress. Hitting the Play button once fixes this, presumably sending some kind of reset or initialization
  • (Windows) On several computers setting shortcuts that are already mapped not working. During the livestream I tried setting F1 to the VST windows as John did - Settings complained about being mapped, I hit OK but it then closes the settings window altogether and didn’t make the mapping. Replicated on a second computer. First going and removing the original binding manually and then rebinding works.
  • (iPad) Finger scrolling (drag with finger to pan) has calmed down a lot, however when lifting the finger at or near no motion (at the end of the drag) it still sometimes registers some kind of swipe, and you get a constant velocity scroll in some direction, after you have lifted off. The intention was just to drag/scroll the score to some point. Happens not infrequently, maybe if there’s some visibility into the speed of the finger move gesture (mostly I’m not swiping but dragging) the lower guardband could be increased
  • (iPad) Finger drag (pan) visual jitter - related to the previous issue is it trying to do a auto-scroll?
  • (iPad) Getting stuck notes in an orchestral score with Iconica. Thanks for the MIDI panic stop on the stop button! Stop button is shared on iPad with Play so have to hit Play then Stop again (or presumably used a shortcut I don’t know offhand). Stuck notes appear to be from a legato passage on the keyboard, not during note entry (if that matters). Consistently repeatable in one case.
  • (iPad) If the app is already running, connecting AirPods Dorico doesn’t re-rout to the new audio output (the AirPods). It’s silent.
  • (iPad) On putting the AirPods away in their case, Dorico stays silent. Changing the master volume does kick it and it plays normally through the speakers.
  • (iPad) But then using the AirPods again this time it continues to play through the speakers, igoring the AirPods. So some funnies with AirPod handoff maybe.
  • (iPad) Another vote for hooking up the Esc key to pop up dialogs. With Iconica I’m using the iPad a lot not as a desktop replacement, and with a keyboard would benefit to some more Esc key hooks.