5.1 Montage: remove empty gap before audio-region

This morning I made a 60-minutes 5.1 recording which started at 8:22hrs.
I’ve imported the 6 audio-files in a new WaveLab Audio Montage, into 6 separate tracks with 5.1 surround-outputrouting.
in the Clips/Functions menu, I instructed the 6 clips to “Move to their related BWF time stamp”, which is
8:22:35:02. After that, WaveLab created a gap of 8:22:35:02 in order to show the 6 clips at their proper time stamp, but now, in my overview , there is this giant gap which I’d like to get rid of!
But how?

Any help welcome, again :wink:
Niek/ Amsterdam.

Rather than doing what you did, you should consider changing the time ruler offset to 8:22.

Thanks Philippe, but don’t you think this is an artificial way to see your montage against its referenced “timecode”?
Besides, one has first to find out the original timestamp in the Audio Files’ meta-data?

I think “move selected clips to their related BWF time stamp” is a quick and thorough method, which I prefer to shifting the time rulers’ offset…Isn’t there a way to remove “my gap” at all in WL?

If there’s not: I’m certainly going to use your “workaround”.
Thanks again!

Niek/ Amsterdam.

But isn’t it the same thing?
Or… why do you want to move the clip to its reference time code, if you want to get rid of that same offset right after?

Maybe in theory it may be the same thing, so I’ll choose a working method.
Why I use it? Because the time-reference is a wall clock, and my notes-of-interest are based on that clock…Referring to that tc makes editing easier for me.