5.1 New playback features praise and advice from mockup experts

Thankyou developers for the new playback features and the decent sounds on iPAD!

Are there any mockup experts out there who know how close Dorico is after this update to competing with a DAW when it comes to Orchestral Mockup playback? And if so would you share your setup or offer some advice? I currently use note performer 4 with BBC Pro.

I am returning to a masters degree in orchestration with Thinkspace in the new year and I know that they’ll recommend using a DAW to make it sound good which is a laborious extra step for someone who first composes in notation.

How close are we to Dorico being a one-stop shop for professional mockups?


Honestly, if you know the work from Simon Passmore or this kind of artist… I don’t think any automated workflow can be as good. But if it’s just to get a honest idea of how something is going to sound when it’s played by a real and good orchestra, NotePerformer was already very good, and now Dorico on its own, with some rightly balanced orchestra (Synchon Prime ? BBCSO ? and now Iconica sketch) is doing quite well. Devil is in the details…


Personally I think the question is unanswerable in general. It all depends on the particular prejudices and expectations of the recipient.


I’d ask this question: When you output a piece using NP and BBCSO, do you think that’s NOT a decent mock-up? What would you do in a DAW with BBCSO to get a better result, that you can’t do in Dorico?

I’m assuming that a “mock-up” is not designed to fool the listener into thinking it really is an orchestra??

In terms of midi humanization… Dorico is now ahead of the pack… and quite clearly so !!

The rest depends on skills and which virtual instruments are used !!

Thanks for some very wise responses. I think I’ve been sucked into the world of preparation where every thing has to be write before I actually write music.