5.1 Panner and Child busses being allocated independantly

Hello all,

Just looking at using a 5.1 panner to move through different series of effects chains. I can’t find a way to bus the child busses to discreet groups or tracks that could each have their own effect chain. This technique is possible in PT when you have access to HD. If anyone knows a way to hack around it I would really appreciate it!



Hi Josh -

Could this be achieved with Aux Sends? You could have multiple FX Groups that are sent to, each with a different effects chain, and automate the send level on each Aux Send?

Or if that’s not what you’re after, instead of using child buses, have you tried Direct Routing? You need to enable Direct Routing in the Racks dialogue on the Mixer, and then you can route the output of the channel to more than one destination. The same signal would be sent to multiple destinations, so you could then control the level of each destination channel independently. I’m assuming you’re mixing down to stereo and wanting to use a multichannel channel as a routing device. If so, with use of the Steinberg 6 to 2 Plugin you could control the output of each group you’re routing to, and then when you pan from your source channel (mono?, stereo?), the result of working with the multichannel panner will be like a crossfader. …?

Hope that helps?



That is a smart work around. It isn’t the 5.1 joystick of expression that I was looking for but it is a reasonable way to make the panner control effects. I guess I will post the discreet routing of child busses in the feature request section. Thanks Graham.

That was some pretty good signal route hacking.

Well, sending a signal to different effects chains is what sends are for, it’s not a workaround…

But then otoh using a multichannel panner as a “blender” is of course a pretty neat idea.
I think you could do it this way (not at a DAW at the moment):

Create a multichannel bus/output (not routed to any hardware).

Route the tracks that you want to be able to control the effects that way to this bus.

create several audio channels (these will be used as your separating channels). They must have the same channel width as your original bus at the moment as it is not yet possible to choose a subset of a bus as source for a channel input. This is the major drawback of this way of working at this time. If you can’t live with that you just have to do some additional routing/mix downs to get to a channel width you prefer. This will use more channels and groups but might actually make life a bit simpler. YMMV.

enable input monitor on the newly created channels.

insert a mixer delay in the first insert slot.

mute all inputs except the one you want to deal with in this channel. Route it to whatever output that makes sense. Using a panner or some other plugin you can now shape or pan this signal however you please.

now you have your separated audio signal post panner. And you can insert effects on this track or route this to a additional fx group whatever is most comfortable.

Yes it is a bit complex and messy. I’m sure some of the above could be simplified, but it is possible.

Instead of using bus/outputs you may be able to use a group and just duplicate it, but I haven’t actually tried using a duplicate group in this way. That should simplify the process and require less tracks. And hopefully be a little more manageable.

Edit: After creating a “blender separator setup” this could of corse be used with panned sends instead of routed channels as well.
I’m starting to think this could be pretty cool. It could be a lot easier balancing between different rooms this way compared to setting several individual send levels.
Or you can also do it the old school way. Send to all effects all the time and just play the effect faders…