5.1 remote monitoring session possible?

Dear Experts!

I have been asked if I can connect my 5.1 monitoring system to an other studio in order to enable the director of a feature film to participate in the mastering session in an other country.

Would that be possible with VST Connect? If yes I would like to buy VST connect and set it up - but I cannot figure out if ‘multi channel’ also means ‘sourround monitoring’.

I’m using Nuendo and RME in my studio.

I appreciate your answer - thank you in advance!


not possible with VST connect - there are other streaming services that can do this though



although i think 5.1/7.1 is mac only ?


Thank you for your answer!

Unfortunately, the company actually doesn’t offer 5.1 for Windows. And at the price that the company asked for, a flight and hotel would be worth it.

Are there any other providers that offer 5.1 streaming?