5.1 Surround through 3 jacks

Hey, I’ve been using cubase 5.1 for quite some time but recently decided it was time to upgrade to 5.1 surround sound instead of my stero desktop speakers, however i dont have the luxury of a sound card so i have to use my onboard sound…which only consists of 3, 3.5mm jacks, green (front R+L), light blue (Rear L+R), and pink (Center + Sub) is how im using them, so i know i dont have the abillity to record etc. but thats okay i just wanna listen to my old recordings…not make any new ones.

I cannot for the life of me get sound to come outta all 6 channels, only on the “asio directX Full duplex” driver does it come out on all speakers but its only on 2 channels in the “VST Connections Panel” (Which is what i wanted) but the audio is FULL of artifact and crackling etc. so i cannot use it, which is normal i know, but when i got on the asio4all V2 drivers by default i only get front left and right, no sub, no center, no rears of any kind which is obviously unusable.

If i change the busses to 5.1 under vst connections i lose all audio all together and ive messed with everything i can.

Can you please help me get my 5.1 surround sound working (i dont care if its only stereo output, as long as the subs working and all the other speakers are making noise) cause i have no idea what to do,

Thanks :slight_smile: