5.1 to Stereo reduction panning issue


At the moment I am mixing 5.1 project that is also folding down to a stereo mix simultaneously. To get a smooth pan across LCR in 5.1 I have to set the tracks pan law to -3dB but when I listen to the stereo reduction of this on a stereo buss and pan from left to right I hear a rise in level when the pan is between L and C or C & R. To achieve a smooth pan in the stereo reduction I have to set the source tracks pan law to -6dB but this creates a dip in level on the 5.1 mix when the pan is between L and C or C & R. The project setup pan law does not seem to affect the outcome of the 5.1 or the stereo outputs as there is never a mono source sending directly to the stereo mix, it’s always to the 5.1 and then reduced to stereo via Nuendo’s MixConvert.

Does anyone know of a way to have the panning work smoothly without level dips or bumps when panning on a 5.1 and a stereo reduced mix simultaneously?

Which surround panner are you using?
'cause the new N5 surround panner has no pan law setting.


Fredo’s spot on here - the new panner just works.
However, if you have opened in N5 a project you began in n4, then the v4 panner will be used.
This is the only one with a pan law setting…
For downmixing, I generally set LR to -6 and C to -9, with Ls/Rs also at -6 in MixConvert, turning off the normalize function. (You can set this to give either LoRo output or LtRt output)

Thanks Guys. I’ve tried using both N4 and N5 panners and I have no problems with the levels when they are at absolute points like L C or R, it’s just when the the pans end up between L and C for example I get this problem. I seems like I either have to be happy with a setting that is accurate for 5.1 or one for stereo but not both at the same time. It seems that the stereo fold-down process likes to be fed with a surround panner set to -6dB law to be accurate, but this leaves low points in the 5.1 pan. If I use the N5 panner it seems to work on the -3dB law which creates high points in the stereo fold-down panning.

The problem I’m getting is that when I’m mixing I’m monitoring the stereo fold down. The music in my project is only stereo so I pan it into the centre little bit. When I open the mix up to 5.1 at the end, this music that was being boosted by whatever the stereo fold-down is doing to audio in this panning no-mans-land is no longer happening so the music now seems to be 1 to 2dB lower.

Does anyone else perceive or measure any level discrepancies between a 5.1 pan and a stereo MixConvert reduction of the same pan? The L C an R point are fine, I’m referring to between L & C or C & R.