5.1 vs Stereo for composing?

I am new to cubase , I am almost down scoring and getting ready to start mixing , I was wondering about switching to 5.1 now and Down mixing , or to just mix in Stereo as I normally do, create lots of stems and then create a new 5.1 project (with just audio stems) and re mix it to 5.1 ? as most of the VSTs (Kontakt etc) are Stereo wasn’t sure how Cubase handle large sessions in 5.1 . CPU load etc ?


also can’t work out how to change the Stereo setting in control room ? I can get 5.1 from the output section but not control room

If I remember correctly you have to make the widest path (5.1) the main output in the Outputs tab, then Control Room will say “5.1”.

ok I will try that :slight_smile: thx