5.1 Waves

Hi, I try to import a 5.1 multichannel Wave I created with Cubase. (24Bit/48kHz)
Wavelab says it has 6 channels (5.1) but does not open the file.
I checked it with Cubase and Audition and got no problems there.

Is Wavelab not capable to edit multichannel files?

You can only import them in a montage, with the dedicated function.
You can also process them in the batch processor.

without splitting channels before, as a direct processing from an interleaved file?

of course not, this technology isn’t invented yet … :wink:

Philippe, thank you. I used the batch processor for loudness leveling my 5.1 mix.

But in general no full multitrack File Support is really a lack of functionality.
For Quick tests I had to use audition which was also capable of opening mxf encapsulated Cinema mixes. Or the last field recording session for my tv edit was recorded in 4-track Waves and I can’t open it fast. So please give a hint to the Developers to implement it. I love WL, it has a tons of Features over other applications. But even free software like fairlight (Blackmagic Design) can handle multitrack files.

Exactly. Like with other things around WL I feel a kind of stubbornness from developer side - I cannot describe it better - lack of words. The lack of full multi-channel support is now ongoing for many years, at least since the last 10 years (!), since I work constantly with surround and multi-channel files. All other audio editors I have support this. Editing and mastering multi-channel files is an abolut must nowadays, except maybe for people working just traditionally for stereo playback. WL fits better to Ableton Live or the non-HD Pro Tools version workflows (Live lacks multi-channel support too), than to Nuendo and Cubase surround workflows. It puzzles me why the mastering DAW of the same company, doing such brilliant software like Nuendo, doesn’t make them fully file compatible. Even Halion supports mutli-channel interleaved files for many years. Now many things are happening in VR and 3D audio with Atmos and Ambisonics formats. I fear PG will be retired until he adds this functionality into WL Pro 20 or so …

Well, ofcourse you’ll miss this if all you work with is multi-channel files, and obviously your other editors support it, or you wouldn’t have any use for them. Not saying WL shouldn’t have multi channel support, but your perspective is also only one of many. Personally I never work with multi channel, and like me probably the large majority of WL users.

I work with lots of editors as they all have certain functions I use and WL has its strengths too. Imagine this: working in Nuendo and you can send and edit stereo files to WL but not multi-channel files. Does that make any sense?
And don’t forget: the people now using WL as a stereo editor are that many because IT IS a stereo editor. Would WL have full surround and multi channel support there would be surely more users like me. And I haven’t said I’m not using and editing stereo files too - of course I do.