5.5.2 + W7 + RME Multiface 2 PCIe Buffering Issue

I’m doing a ton of dialogue editing with my new i7, Windows 7 64bit, ADK rig using Cubase 5.5.2, 64bit, with an RME Multiface 2 PCIe (with the latest drivers) and have noticed that many consonants are playing back “clipped” on the front end.
Words/names such as “Bob, Derek, etc…” playback inconsistently during editing giving me “false” impressions that I’ve clipped/edited the front consonant too tightly. Pressing play, several times in a row yields different playback results. Even if I increase the buffers to 1024, the playback remains inconsistent.
However, after rendering, I have to check what I’ve done using “Import File with Auto Playback ON” and these same files playback through the Import Dialogue perfectly and consistently every single time. Wierd.
It seems that the playback “ramps” up and I’m not sure where the issue lies.

I’m still having this problem and I cannot find a solution.

As an example :
The recorded name “Marianne” should have not audible “click” on the front of the name.

to insure that there is no click, I used :
a) the fade in and fade out handles on the waveform.
b) the “envelope” section of the Audio-Process-Envelope section.

On repeated playbacks to ensure I’ve edited this name correctly, I intermittently get a click on the front of the"M" in Marianne.

Can anyone suggest where the problem could be ?
ADK i7, Windows 7 64bit, 12GB Mushkin Redline RAM @ 1600MHz, RME Multiface 2 PCIe-Driver, Cubase 64 bit 5.5.2

Try Snap To Zero Crossing when slicing.

Make sure your not clipping anywhere in the RME DSP mixer

Make sure the control room and the output bus dosen’t share the same output in Cubase. It happened to me a few times.

Make sure there’s no volume boost in your control room mixer.

I’m not using the control room in Cubase and nothing is clipping at all.

It seems as though the audio buffer/playback is not consistent because with each playback the “consonant”…that is, the very first attack of the audio file…plays back differently each time. “Mary” for example will playback with a click on the “M” and then not, and then again with a click, then not.

I’ve tried it with Microsoft Security Essentials OFF/ON, with any and all plug-ins OFF/ON, changed buffers to 1024, no difference at all.

I’m stumped.

See if Suspend VST3 Processing When Not Used is checked in Prefs and try un-checking it.

Ahhhh ~! I thought you had it there mashedmitten !!

A combination of snap to zero crossing and Suspend VST processing though has significantly improved it though. Now, the “click” only happens occasionally. Especially in rapid cycle mode.

Thank-you so much for your input…that has really helped.

Hmmmm, maybe boosting the Audio Priority a tad would help.