not working with Cubase Pro 12 on Mac

I am having significant problems using VST Connect SE with Cubase 12.0.20 on MacOS 11.6.5

  1. Talkback does not work at all. There is no signal indicated on the VST Connect interface, even if I manually select an input in Audio Connections.
  2. I cannot hear the signal coming in from VST Connect Performer. I can see the signal on the interface, and it records okay, but I cannot monitor it. On the other end, if I press play, the person can see the signal in the Performer interface, but can’t hear anything either.
  3. I cannot see my own video feed in the interface. I can select the video source with no problem. I have one large panel showing the remote video and two small panels underneath both also showing the remote video. The person using Performer can see my video. If I select “mirror video” the two small panels show distorted horizontal bars of colour.

I tried using “Check and Repair” but that did nothing - I would get the alert box saying the configuration was wrong, but even if I clicked “Yes,” nothing was changed. I had to configure everything manually - every time I choose the repair option, the result is the same - the alert tells me that it’s wrong.

This was attempted with an already existing project

I was able to get it working with Cubase 11, but I had to manually configure everything - I used Audio Connections to manually select an input for talkback and an output for monitor. I also have the same problem with video in Cubase 11 as I do in Cubase 12.

Further information - the instance of Performer was running on a Windows 10 machine.

I have managed to test Performer on a Apple Silicon MacBook Air running 12.3 and I get the same results - works with Cubase 11, but not 12. Both Connect interfaces show signal activity, but I can’t hear anything on either end.

The video problem remains.

That is most probably the problem. Just don’t.
If you use “Create VST Connect” on an empty project, unless you have already defined a Talkback source in the Control Room, you will be asked to set one. That’s it. Everything else you do manually is calling for trouble, unless you know exactly what you are doing.
Your CR (Control Room) may have gotten cluttered by that, so open it and check that there are not too many Cue Channels. After “Create VST Connect” there should be exactly one VST Connect Cue Channel, and exactly one Talkback Channel that should be connected to your TB (Talkback) microphone, plus one ore more “VST Connect Monitor” plugins after Monitor and/or Headphone outputs.
Then when you connect to Performer, check to see that the according meters move when you speak into said mic. Those are the VST Connect Cue channel in the CR, and in the VST Connect plugin, the “Cue” meter (those two are linked). If nothing moves here, Performer cannot hear you.

If you do this after VST Connect had been set up already, this may well cause problems. In that case choose “Remove VST Connect” and then “Create VST Connect” again. Check TB as suggested above.

The Mixer faders in the VST Connect plugin show (as title suggests) the Performers Monitor, not what you hear. What you hear of Performer is entirely depending on the “Performer” dial in said plugin and the VST Connect Monitor plugin inserted after your Main (Monitor) outptut. If you changed that after the fact, you need to re-configure VST Connect as said above. Make sure the Monitor plug is inserted after each relevant CR output (such as Headphones), otherwise you will not hear anything of Performer in realtime.

Make sure there is an interface output selected at the top of the Performers’ MASTER channel.

This looks like a bug we had when you use the PRO version, and then switch to the SE version on the same machine. That bug should be fixed with the latest version, if not, let us know.
I can only repeat that you should try to change as few as ever possible manually, and if you try something nevertheless and it doesn’t work, make sure to set it back to what it was before. “Create VST Connect” is a one-stop solution that works as long as the Control Room is in a valid state. More can be found here: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360012899079


I followed all your suggestions AND installed the latest version and it’s now working, including my video. However, I could not see the video of the person on the other end this time. I think he’s one version behind, so we’ll try it again after he updates.