5.5.3 recording/ playback issues

Since I updated to 5.5.3 recording even a single mono track with one stereo track of playback is causing problems with my system. In one instance I received a warning that I was recording too many tracks at once.

I’m on a PC with a Windows 7 64 bit system (Nuendo is running in 32 bits) , 8 core 2.6 processor and 32 gigs of memory so I don’t think it’s my computer.

I did not have these problems in 5.5.2. Has anybody else experienced this?

What about your sound card (interface) and ASIO driver settings (mainly Buffer Size)? Is your Windows optimized for music (there are recommended processes to optimalization)?

Like Martin said I’d start out by going through the ASIO settings.

Something is weird though, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone else have this issue. I’d look into the computer a bit more and see if something could have changed at the same time you did the update.