5.5.3 will not roll back to 5.5.2

Cubase 5.5.2 installer wont work to roll back from 5.5.3.

5.5.1 installer worked.

actually 5.5.1 seemed like it worked, but when i open cubase it is still 5.5.3. GRRR!!! I have a deadline and I need to roll back to 5.5.2 now!!!

If you are running Windows 7 go to control panel/ programs. Click on review installed updates. Scroll to bottom and you will see Cubase 5.5.3. Uninstall both of these and hopefully that will do the job.

thanks. i ended up uninstalling and reinstalling

Just out of interest, why did you roll back?

turned out to not be a cubase issue. Instead, it was an issue with one of my plug ins