and for mac users:

right click on cubase app. ‘show package contents’


copy xiph.bundle to the same location in the nuendo package.

BTW: regardless of my previous “observation”… thanks to Steinberg for a very solid build. So far it definitely feels more stable than the previous version. Thanks!

To Neil and Max:
Your suggestion works like a charm! :smiley:
Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and insight!
What a great forum…forgive my ignorant ranting.
Nuendo indeed more stable than ever!
Now I’m just waiting for UAD to roll out their 64’ model, and I’m leaving 32 bits behind…


thanks very much for your positive Feedback! Indeed it has taken a while until the release, but I think it is by far the most stable version so far. Regarding AAF, unfortunaley, the improvements haven’t made it into this version. Although it was planned, during the last weeks we figured out that we would have to do many changes on import/export filter, which would result in a delay of a couple of months. Therefore we decided to release the update with numerous further fixes in current status and continue working on the AAF thing further on.

Thanks very much,

Thanks for the reply Timo.

If things prove more complex than hoped for on the AAF side I am the last one to ask for an “unfinished” or “beta” release.
One thing that does annoy me though is that the AAF filter in Nuendo works for me. Why didn’t you at least revert to a usable version?

For me this means that if I receive 14 AAFs during the day (like last wednedsay…) I need to switch to the old Nuendo 14 times, import, track export, track import. It’s just so frustrating…and costs so much time.

A post pro software must be able to import aaf from media composer without too many glitches and Nuendo 5.5 simply cannot do that at all.

This situation has been unsolved for well over half a year now (8 months) I believe.

Thanks for the communication, though.


+1 !!!

I’m having issues with Nuendo’s latest build to recognize Soundminer rewire (SM4.3) Anyone else?

I’m getting many Nuendo hangs and crashes when using basehead.

Worked with out issue using 5.5.2 and Protools 10

Kid Dropper,
Yea, I have seen the same thing with 5.5.3 with BaseHead.
Nuendo crashes directly after an auto-save when “Follow Session Folder” is ON in BaseHead.
That is one point when Nuendo will pass to BH what project is open or active currently and it’s making N5.5.3 explode right now.
I have an email out to once of the developers now to see what was changed in 5.5.3 and make them aware of it.
For now, leave that option OFF in BaseHead to avoid Nuendo going down while working.


p.s. If you want to grab the session folder quickly still you can tick in ON and OFF quickly without a problem.

My autosave was set to once every minute, that explains a lot.

Thanks for great support as always Steve


Has anyone tried this with Reason 6.0? Not having any luck here. Just says I need to restart Reason.
Nuendo 5.5.3 64 bit
Reason 6 64 bit

I checked in on Windows 7 64-bit with Reason 6.0.2 and it works. Started Nuendo, then Reason, enabled the Mix channels via Rewire and loaded some stuff in Reason. No error message. When exactly does the “restart Reason” message appear?

I start Nuendo, then start Reason. When I try to enable the rewire channels I get the error that says to restart Reason. Which I tried, and i get the same error when i try to enable the rewire channels.
I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong…

Is that Event-On-Top thing fixed?? I am talking about the fact that an underlapping event automatically will be on top of the following event when you move it with the mouse. This will mess with your editing when having overlapping takes (all the time in a real music scenario). It is not in the list, I wonder how someone can work in Nuendo without that fix?? Everyone is only editing voiceovers or what? I had high hopes for this fix to be included in the updated - mainly because of that I can not use latest Cubase and Nuendo versions.

Please tell me that this is fixed otherwise I will get mad!

Why not install it and see? You would save me the trouble :mrgreen:

1/2 joking and 1/2 serious I’m being. I downloaded it but fear installing because it may make me keep Nuendo.


It is partially fixed.

If I have overlapping events and I move the lower one - it stays underneath. Even if it is a snippet from the same take (edited in an older version - Cubase 5)

If cut slices - for example 3 - and move the one in the middle - then it is on top on both sides. Makes this sence? ? Usually I would say that it needs to be on top on the beginning and below the following event in the end. Like scales.

Here are screenshots:

Starting Situation:
Moving the lower event - it stays below - GREAT! FINALY!
Now splitting for the slices:

Moving the slice in the middle - look at the right side of the selected event - it is on top now.

Steinberg - thanks for fixing it (partially) - but does that behavior (pic 4) make sence? I would say - no.

It would be great if this will be fixed as well. or is it just me who dislikes that behavior? It just makes no sence when doing those slip-editing things… Usually I want to keep the “hit” which is usually in the beginning of the snippet behind the split - so this needs to stay on top.

Hi Brandy

Not sure from your posts if you’re aware of the new ‘button’ located at the lower edge of the waveform display - the cursor turns to a hand - and that’s how you now (5.5.3) put the clip ‘on top’. There’s a little red V when the clip is selected, but nothing visible when it’s not selected. Clicking on the button is the same as using the new Comp tool.

Maybe you unknowingly clicked on that?

It would be cool if the Comp tool could be temporarily selected using a user-defined Pointer Tool modifier - I don’t think it can, unless I’m missing something… that way, I could select/cut/trim/copy/move/place on top, all without changing from the Select tool.

No, I have not clicked on something - I am just doing it like I do since the last 150 albums I made.

But I do not get the Comp-Tool stuff - in my case I have 20 tracks of drums, grouped - the new “delete overlaps” feature wich is selectable by clicking that red triangle just deletes the overlapps of the individual event. No need for this feature since we can do that since ages by “delete overlappes” from audiomenue.

What me bugs as well is - when working in lanes - that the comp tool or alt-click will split ALL events. ?? This makes no sence. I can fortunatelly avoid that by first selecting another event and then cut the not-selected one. Little bit nasty and one more step/click!