5.5.4 Aux-send Panorama resets when closing/reopen projects

I often use the panorama on aux send FX - for example when setting up an MS Matrix…

In this case I have Stereo Groups with Slate Trigger plugin - I can automatically disable bleed from other drums to cause miss-triggers when routing them to the Trigger plugin - but I have to hardpan them to the right while the source track for triggering is panned hard left.

This works for stuff which is panned center. For example with the kick routed hard-right to the snare trigger.

I have 5 Tracks of toms as well, all panned different but no one is hard panned or center. Independent on how I set up the “aux-pan follows channel pan” (how is this called in the english version? You know - that small button…) those tomtracks are reseted to the channel pan when I open the project.

For example:

Kick Center - Aux 1 set to 100% right
Tom1 68% left - Aux 1 set to 100% right.

close - reopen Project

Kick Center - Aux 1 set to 100% right (still)
Tom1 68% left - Aux 1 set to 68% left (reseted)

Any idea?

Is this a bug? Not a showstopper though, but nasty. And it become ugly if you have some less obvious routings in your project… track 326 routed to a FX with 30% right while the channel is set to 20% left… when this is reseted you might not be able to realize it immediately…