5.5.4 program crash please help

i updated my nuendo 5.5.3 to the 5.5.4 and now i can’t open projects i made on the 5.5.3,
where can i find the 5.5.3 installer i’m in the middle of a project and can’t work.

please help

What exactly happens?
Or doesn’t happen?
Can you make a new project?
Is it plugin related?
Are you on MAC or PC?

Etc …


hello and tnx for your replay,

i can open a new project, but when i try to open my project that i made on 5.5.3 the program start to open it and in one point crashes, it gives me a massage that nuendo need to close, i press o.k and it shuts down

I can think of only two things.
A) A Plugin that is incompatible with 5.5.4
B) You are running out of Memory.

Really, without ant information about your system, it is near impossible to give you any help.


what kind of information do you need?
it’s a asus commando board
with 8gb of memory (cant remember the company)
64 bit original windows 7
nuendo original 64x

i did not change anything in the project so it can’t be memory,
how can i find the plugin that crashes the system?

Well, now at least we know on which OS you are, and on PC.
Have you looked if the update is visible in Control Panel/uninstall an update.

Depends … the update might “consume” a tad more memory, and maybe you were already near max. usage.

how can i find the plugin that crashes the system?

By creating a small project and trying out your used plugins one by one.

Can you open your project in Nuendo 5.0?
If so, export your tracks and re-import them batch by batch …

In terms of troubleshooting, you will have to try some things by yourself.
We can only try to give you hints …


I did not understand regarding the control panel an uninstaller

In Windows 7 …


you mean to uninstall the update?

Wasn’t that your question?
Rolling back to 5.5.3


yes, but wont it unustall nuendo 5.5 complete i don’t have the 5.5.3 installer and i can’t find it anywrere

do you have the 5.5.3 installer that you can send me?

As far as I know 5.5.2 and 5.5.3 were updates no full installer, hence why I suggest removing the update.
(Can be wrong though, I personally never get to use the official installers)

Here are the original 5.5.1 installers:

But really, really, you should try to troubleshoot your problem instead of reaching for a quick and easy solution.
My feeling is that your problem isn’t going to be solved with a re-install.