5 5 5 5!

5 Is here!!!

but no info on the site yet,

this feature is interesting though

Anthony Hughes is already walking us through the features:

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Boooom!!! :smiley:

Dorico for iPad was updated, but it seems like it only got bug fixes and a big version number increase to bring it in line with the desktop version.

No, there should be some big changes to the iPad version!

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It shows up as a download/installation in the Steinberg Download Assistant, but no info on pricing.

I found the relevant information in the Version information file from SDA:

The above new capabilities (refers to Dorico Elements 5) are also available in Dorico for iPad, with an active monthly or annual subscription, or if the Lifetime Unlock in-app purchase has been purchased. Dorico for iPad with an active subscription or Lifetime Unlock also gains support for playback through an external MIDI device

Give our web team some time – you’ll be able to purchase soon enough. Pricing will be in line with previous versions, e.g. updating from Dorico Pro 4 to Dorico Pro 5 is €99.99 / $99.99, updating from Dorico Elements 4 to Dorico Elements 5 is €29.99 / $29.99.


Purchasing is now live.

Highlight of the Version History:

“The long-lamented disclosure arrow in the tree control in the Key Commands page of Preferences has returned home after a heart-wrenching absence of nearly 18 months.”


I’m glad somebody actually reads it…


Wow. I thought reading manuals was uncool!…


I Love the update: Instrument editor, live editing, easy creation of multiple elements… and surely much more once I have time to read the version history.

I think everyone should easily find more than 1-2 useful things!

Congratulations, @DoricoTeam!


Yes! Hang in there - you’re all doing a great job!

Should we place bets on when the “Dorico 6 Wish List” thread will begin?


Looks fantastic!
No mention of minimum system requirements though - I assume if I’m running 4 I can run 5

On macOS the minimum version required is macOS 10.15 Catalina, rather than 10.14 Mojave, due to changes in the underlying Qt application framework and the audio engine.

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Congratulations with Dorico’s Fifth!
I love the new features, but special scrub playback, inputting dotted notes by double tap, input dynamics and moving notes with mouse, great!

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I keep hearing the beginning of Beethoven’s fifth with the lyrics, “DO-RI-CO FIIIIIIIIIIVE, HAS JUST GONE LIIIIIIIIIIVE”