5.5 activation code desperately needed

All paid up and registered with Nu5…Upgraded to 5.5
Still getting the trial popup windows on launch though.
Dongle shows Nu5 full license…5.5 trial.

From reading past threads it sounds like I need
someone over there to add the code to my Steinberg account.

Please…working studio here. Would love to use 5.5 legit right now.
The trial has been rock solid.

Shouldn’t this be an instant download type of thing?

Thanks for any help.

have you followed these instructions to the letter?


have you followed these instructions to the letter?

http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/nu > … pdate.html

Yes I have…Several times. The control center software says the codes I have don’t apply.
Doesn’t matter if I try it with Nu 5 or the Nu5.5 trial.
I’ve actually tried all the codes in my steinberg account as of now.
Nothing works.

I’ve read several different threads here on this subjest.
Shouldn’t this be an automatic download once you register Nu5?
I mean, I pays my money…

How many days does this take?

Thanks guys…Someone did indeed add the code to my account.
Got it.

Thanks Joshua,