5.5 Corrupting Projects?

I have a major problem…

Spent the whole day on a mix - saved many times as per usual - shut N5.5 down - took a break - came back to check the mix - and… the project now takes about 5 minutes to read (after repeated attempts) and finally opens…

But here it is… when the project does finally open - it’s WRONG!!! Missing inserts on vocal channels, etc, etc. It does not even resemble the mix.

Ok, if this was a one-off I’d understand, but it’s happened sporadically the last few days. There was a problem with this at one stage with version N2 I think. But, this is just crazy!

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Won’t even open with N5.1… ‘Reading Project File…’ takes ages to read and mostly just hangs (both versions of Nuendo).

When you can open it in 5.1 same thing - inserts missing!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

The mix is destroyed


When I manage to get the corrupted project open and save it as ‘Corrupted-01’, close and re-open it, it opens perfectly… But it obviously opens as the corrupted project, which doesn’t help.


Even the routing is reset on the offending channels…

That’s sad, but how could we help here without the project ?

Hey Matthias,

PM Sent…


Matthais was really helpful with trying to figure this out.

We’re not sure after doing a bunch of tests, but my advice - stay away from any Slate Digital products for the moment.

Don’t take the chance…


I opened a feature documentary surround mix that was near completed in 5.1.1. Opened in 5.5, did a days work with the clients. Opened again the next day and all of my inserts on ever track were automated to bypass.

Finish your old projects in 5.1 or earlier… start new projects in 5.5. That’s just superstition talking.

I opened the same project today to do a quick temp pass …

3 random channels were reset… no output routing, no plug ins. Audio and automation was intact.

This will be the last time I open this job in 5.5 wow wtf?

So glad I made a new 5.5 version of it before going forward… hopefully my 5.1 versions are still alive

For the record… I’m not using any slate digital products

Same project.

I went to the last 5.1.1 session, select all tracks , fx tracks, busses etc… Export/selected tracks.

Then I imported them into a brand new 5.5 session.

So far so good. I’ve opened and closed the session a few times and it has survived and few computer restarts. Automation and output routing seems to be intact.

I’ll report back if it breaks.


Keeping an eye on this scary thread…

Hi Robin.

What OS, machine & Slate plugins are we talking about here please?
I use VCC all the time on N5.1.1 & 5.5 on XP/32 and have never seen this problem…but am now worried.
Can you please give some more details & an attempted repro so I can check here too?

Many Thanks

Hey Neil,

I’m running W7 64bit and Nuendo 5.5 in 32bit mode.

What seemed to happen is that 5.1 projects with VCC, opened in 5.5, then saved, became corrupted… Scary!!

The worst of it all is that most of the projects were ok. I have a feeling that the ones that were ok were projects where VCC was only inserted after the projects were opened in 5.5 (saved in 5.5 without VCC first…)

I will be doing extensive testing over the next few days. Saving new versions before certain plugs are inserted, etc. Also saving the individual channels of the mixer…

This is a really terrifying one for me. I will keep you posted…

Just had another one…

APPCRASH / VideoEngineDecoder.exe /, etc, etc…

Loaded 5.1 project. Saved as 5.5 project. Closed project. Re-opened project. Started setting up the mix in 5.5. Saved. Closed the project. Re-opened. Noticed that one of the FX busses was missing plugins that were there from the original 5.1 rough mix. Went to re-insert the plugins and Nuendo crashed…above message. (no Altiverb here)

More research into the issue…

The problem seems to be the loading of some VST 3 versions of plugins that were saved in the 5.1 project.

Ok, from the last post. The FX track that didn’t load correctly was the VST 3 version of Softube’s Tzar. On the corrupted FX track I can load the VST 2 version. As soon as I load the VST 3 version Nuendo crashes. Now, I tried the same thing with Steinberg VST 3 versions and VST 2 versions on that corrupted track. Same thing.

However, if I add a new FX channel and select a VST 3 version plug there is no problem… So, for some reason some individual tracks are being corrupted.

Nuendo 5.5 is sporadically corrupting mixes done in 5.1…

Be careful… :confused:

After importing the track archive of my 5.1.1 job into 5.5, things went well for a day or two. A few minutes ago, I opened up to find that again there are a few track that have been reset and rerouted to to the main outputs instead of where they are supposed to be.

I’m very fortunate that this particular job has an open ended deadline because I will need to start over.

Why this was not documented or mentioned during the roll out of 5.5 is very irresponsible. I find it hard to believe that this was not found in the beta testing. This is NOT some new version of a video game here… this is how I make a living. I’ve stood by SB and waived their flag for years. I could have lost many thousands of dollars on this and I’m extremely lucky. :confused:

Not cool

Techincally, I’m not sure if I can go back to 5.1.1. I’ve done significant amounts of work in 5.5 at this point and there are other reasons… Like Eucon, I don’t have my mackies set up anymore…

So right now I’m attempting to AAF out of the to “corrupted” mix to a brand new 5.5 session. Hoping that most my dialog level auto will stay put and I can just do my EQ’s and sends over. (majority of this feature takes place in an RV) shouldn’t be too bad

I’ll report back

Maybe Steinberg doesn’t think this is a big deal. But this seriously threw such a wrench in my short term business plans that I’m am stuck in flux.

What the hell happend? Are you not able to repro? Are you working on it?

I don’t get it… instant responses from moderators to some posts (especially positive ones!) and no responses to some of the most important ones…

I just don’t get it… :confused:

Moderators are there to moderate. All they can tell you is that they’ve passed on any information you’ve given them. It has been stated many times that they do this anyway, so I’m not sure that it is necessary to repeat this information ad nauseum, although it would certainly make things clearer for some users. Then the threads would all be about when!

However, if you’re expecting an answer from the people who actually code Nuendo then I think you’ll have a long wait. :wink: