5.5 Nek update crashes on start !SOLVED!

The Nuendo part of the update went smooth…The Nek part crashes as soon as it is started.

The only reason I wanted this update was to get HSSE updated to 1.60 which was supposed to happen with 5.5.4
but it didn’t.

The HSSE update on the downloads page does exactly the same thing as the NEK 5.5 pre-release.
They both crash as soon as they start.
I get the message that “Setup has encountered a problem and needs to close”

Now my whole installation is probably messed up. Running Nuendo 5.5.5 with NEK 5.4
Is this going to work or cause problems and what is wrong with these installers under XP PRo?

I’m using XP Pro
RME Hammerfall


Bump again

Are you sure you have updated your eLicenser LCC to the latest version?


Hi Fredo,

Didn’t think to check that because the Nuendo part of the upgrade worked.
I will try it though.

Thanks Fredo


Unfortunately, updating the eLCC didn’t solve it.
Any other ideas? Anyone?

Why don’t you uninstall completely/reinstall and apply update?
That is the answer anywone will give you in such a situation …


That takes time that I don’t have at the moment.
Maybe next week.

Thanks anyway.


Spent the last several hours trying everything I could think of…
Registry Cleaners, Uninstalling my antivirus software,

I found the answer on the Cubase forums of all places.
Several people had the same problem back in march with Cubase 6.5

Extract the install files from the setup.exe with Winrar. Then run the individual installers.
Worked like a charm.