5.5 Pool Column Resizing --- Annoying!

The new column sizing behavior in 5.5 is really annoying. You can’t slide over the waveform image over towards the name (for instance), even if the sounds are in folders and the folders are closed! The columns insists on being as wide as your longest name, and when doing sound design names can get REALLY long. So my pool window ends up being almost my whole screen.

Steinberg, if you’re listening, please revert back to the old method where you could drag columns over names.
Screen shot 2011-11-23 at 5.42.40 PM.jpg

I cannot confirm that. The pool accepts (almost) any resizing of any column, plus any combination/order of the columns.

The only thing you can’t do is to shrink a column so small that it would be rendered useless. Which makes sense.

What happens if you drag the vertical dividers in the headline ? Are they static ??

AH-HA! I figured out what my problem was.

I had to click “Optimize Width” under the “View/Attributes” pull-down.
I was locked into a really wide width before but that fixed it.

SOOO much better.
Thanks for making me dig for that!