5.52 error message helllpppppppppp !

upgraded to c5 fronm sx3 today ,all was totally painless till i upgraded to 5.52 and now get this error messag

Application ‘Cubase Plug-in Set’ has caused the following error:

Class not found:

The application installation is not complete. Please reinstall application or update eLicenser driver.


  • Click to abort.e :

now when installing it couldn’t install the lastest elicencer cause i need to download netframe 2 from bill gates ,now is that all the problem is or reinstall ?

brain dead atari head


that would be a bit odd if you are at sp3 on XP. It should have the .net framework up through 3.5 already installed. Have you removed it or something? The only other thing I can think of off the top of my head is that you have an anti-virus program stopping parts of the install.

uummm na nothing has been uninstalled ,strange ,just downloaded net 2 and see what happens , im on sp3 for defo , i’ll give it a go loading the new elicence apart from that im well happy !

just installed net framework and all is spot on , that has to be the most painless update ive ever done :smiley:

hats off to you steinberg


hey, glad it worked. I’m still confused how you managed to ditch the 2.x versions of the framework.

same here JM very strange indeed , the drive got reformatted about 2 months ago and a fresh install was done with all updates including sp3 so i haven’t got a clue really ,but hay its all good , next stop is the spare 500gig drive , load w7 on and run dual ops and see what happens but even one of the projects im working on has opened straight up all thats missing is the “waves” and dynamics from sx but no probs , i know i bought the upgrade directly before c6 coming out but it normal takes time for steinberg to dedug .

i think im going to enjoy this !

one happy freqozoid