5 areas would improve Cubase


I believe these 5 areas would improve Cubase for a wide user base. Apart from a stable system, workflow I believe is the real area to work on right now.

Musical Form / Overview Editing
Problem: To move an entire musical section, I have to tediously check every MIDI event to contain overlapped/early notes.
Request: A better method of seeing/managing musical form (exposition, development, etc.)
Benefit: This would help songwriters & composers to organize, move, and copy entire sections of a piece… easily.

Bendable Curves… everywhere!
Problem: Editing hundreds of data points, even with the grab handles, is slower than working with modern curve tools.
Request: MIDI CC data, project automation, and every last line or dot in Cubase… should become bendable curves.
Benefit: Those who want 50 points can have them. Those who want 2 with a bendable curve have a faster workflow.

Saving Motiffs / Sketches in a Sequence Manager
Problem: Who doesn’t get ideas which we either save for later, save for another project, or save to experiment with?
Request: A manager which would allow saving ideas and making versions (different orchestration or altered motiffs).
Benefit: This would help me manage ideas throughout a film. It would help me keep track of developing themes.
Benefit: This would help anyone composing or songwriting in managing their creativity. Who likes forgetting ideas?

Dockable Windows with Custom Layout
Problem: It feels a bit like cleaning up after a toddler in terms of window management and it wastes screen real-estate.
Problem: The VST Instruments Layout didn’t actually give us real docking. We want full, custom, clean layout options.
Solution: Dockable windows + Multi-monitor support. This is cosmetic, I know. But who wants to marry frankenstein?
Benefit: Custom layouts for users mean happy users and more attractive and marketable software.

Enhanced MIDI Editing - Piano Roll
Problem 1: Few useful toolbars. The best stuff is hidden in macros/menus. Macros are often ineffective workarounds.
Solution 1: Native editing tools which are music-oriented, and a custom macro/function bar for quick access.
Solution 2: More robust macro commands (doesn’t replace the need for solution 1, just adds to it)
Benefit: The more native and more musical, it will attract far more users. Improved UX for newcomers and power users.
I’d argue for the piano roll getting a facelift too. But that’s wishful thinking.

VST Expression in Cubase 5 was a favorite for a lot of users. That’s evidenced in several forums and even the Sound on Sound reviews. That was 7 years ago. The next best update for me was 6.5’s better video handling. Since then it seems the agenda has been to compete with a DAW which many unfortunately call the “industry standard”. The truth is, for studios it often is. But for composing it isn’t. To quote a friend and fellow UX design enthusiast, “Boosting sales while ignoring retention is like turning the faucet up as it pours into a strainer.” I can’t speak to Steinberg’s road map, I just hope midi editing and project/composing workflow is a big part of the next release.

I bought Cubase to score films using multi-articulation instruments (orchestral and otherwise) and synths. I need tools that enhance my efforts in that arena. I am only one user. But hopefully these can be part of your road-map. I believe they will mostly help more user types than just myself.

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What made you decide to use a sub-atomic font size for most of your post? You have a much better chance of folks supporting your suggestions if they can actually read them. :wink:

I was thinking the details would be better for Steinberg and the headers for a quick glance for forum members to know what I’m requesting. I made it a bit bigger now. You know how sometimes things seem like a good idea until you do them? :wink:

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Thanks for the input Steve. Cubase is a great DAW AND I simply believe these kinds of improvements will help simplify workflow. Sometimes the work can feel a bit tedious. Between that and other factors I tend to rant a bit. But I do see that the time and efforts it takes to make a DAW are great.


#1) pretty much you can do something very similar using the Arranger track. It needs to be improved, though, as to flatten the parts you change less intrusively. It’s great, I use it all the time, usually requires me to ‘flatten’ all changes once I’m happy with the result. It could use some improvement to work more seamlessly, though.
Such as better export/mixdown support…

+1 for All 5 points.
all are good suggestions to improve cubase.
for me number 1 is really hard task and tedious. copy,cut,move etc… partial midi events, always need to open key editor to edit the “ricochet” the previous editing left. :exclamation: