'5' at the end of 'accelerando'

I’m doing a 'poco a poco accelerando over 28 bars.
In galley view:

  1. a ‘5’ is shown at the end of the accelerando
  2. the accelerando line stops at a certain point and doesn’t go till the chosen end-bar
    in page view everything is fine and looks like it should

does anyone has any clue, what the ‘5’ means? I never saw that before…

Is it the page number? Some stray text field? It’s certainly nothing to do with an accel.

No, for sure not the page number. it’s attached to the ‘accelerando’ sign. When I erase the sign, it is gone.
When I try it again, it’s there again…

I tried an accelerando over hundreds of bars. It looked the same in Galley View and Page View. It allowed me to extend it as far as I liked, except it would not go past a tempo indication.

As is usually suggested, it will be much easier for others to diagnose if you post the project here, or at least the section where the problem occurs. If it does turn out out to be some sort of unintended behaviour, glitch/bug, etc., the Dorico dev. team will be able to fix it quicker if they have an actual example of what is causing it.

here u are

please open it in galley view…

Dorico.dorico (1.6 MB)

If you select the “5” without selecting anything else, you can delete it and all is as it should be. Before you delete it, open the Properties panel - you will see that it is Tempo text. As mentioned in my previous post, an accel. mark will not extend past a Tempo marking.

cool…thanx Steven…anyway, just out of curiousity: why a ‘5’?

Perhaps you have the same “fumble-fingers” gene as I have when it comes to typing. Seriously though, mistakes can happen without being noticed.

Anyhow, selecting an “uncooperative” item and examining its properties can shed a lot of light on a situation.

:+1: :smile: