5-Hour Show Export

Hi there Guys,
I need to export a 5-hour Gospel show that I’ve mixed. It’s a big project.

Nuendo says it’ll take around 3 hours to export. I start the export and within 2 - 3 minutes Nuendo crashes… I’ve tried this a bunch of times.

I’m running an i9/14900KF processor with 96gigs of RAM. The machine is running cool and Nuendo shows around 65% processing. It runs the project with no problem, but I can’t export the show.

Any ideas?


Might very well be that you need to use the Wave 64-file format for files of that size:

Wave 64 Files

(… for some strange reason I couldn’t find a comparable reference in Nuendo’s manual. 8-/…)

Hey Dietz,

Thank you for your reply.

I’ve never seen the Wave 64-file option for export. I’ve only seen the option in the preferences to record Wave 64.

I opened the project in Nuendo 12 and it seems to be doing the export as expected. Trust me, I’m holding thumbs!! I’ll keep you posted.

So, I managed to do the export with Nuendo 12.

I absolutely love Nuendo 13 and Nuendo 12 felt quite antiquated when I opened it. :slightly_smiling_face: That said, Nuendo 13 definitely has some problems with reliability and this export proves the point. I’m sure with a few updates it’ll be as rock-solid as N12.

To each his own :slight_smile: For me, NU13 is the turning point in its development, which I will no longer follow without seeing the absolute necessity to do so.

I miss the simplicity of Nuendo 1!!! That GUI was still the best… :slightly_smiling_face:

What if you try to export a smaller region? Maybe just half an hour, or just 5 minutes? Maybe you can then find the place where there are problems?

I tested that and it worked. So, there definitely a problem in the way N13 is handling long exports.

The client needed singles quickly earlier on, and I had no problem exporting those shorter/song regions. Unfortunately, for the video guys, they wanted one long file. I would’ve had to sit at the machine the whole day watching each export… With N12 I could run the export while I did other work.

I’m sure the guys at Steinberg will fix this soon.

PS - when I started the full-length export N13 would fall over within a minute or two. The shorter regions were around 10 minutes in length.

The full-length export was 4.65 gigs in size. I suspect that N13 does an overall scan of the export, while it starts exporting, and then crashes when it calculates that the file is going to be that big.

We digitize analogue recordings and have many files every day with over 8 hours of 96/32 (float) or 10 GB. Sometimes we forget to turn off recording and end up with files over 100GB. That shouldn’t be the problem.

Is your hard drive formatted to handle files larger than 4GB?

That’s good to know.

Yes. As mentioned, it worked perfectly with N12

@ THambrecht

Thank you, again, for letting me know. At least we know there isn’t a problem with large files.

The difference with what’s happening here is that this is a big mix - 200+ tracks, lots of plugins, groups, 4 reverbs, master bus with processing and oversampling, etc…

When I opened the project N12 it also ran with less (5%-10%) processing power.

N13 is still pretty new, I know they’ll get it sorted.