5 minutes to load a song

Sometimes loading a song in Cubase takes around five minutes here. When the arrangement appears, Cubase is freezing and we have to wait. It never happens after a fresh start of Cubase. Just installed v.7.5.20, but it doesn’t help. Automatic hitpoints detection is off.
Anyone any idea?
Tanks, Ian Lamberts

Have you checked your audio pool and trash folder in the pool for excess and unused audio files ?

Do you have the Ski remote device set up?

I’ve noticed since installing this device I’ve had a few freezes when the project first starts, where Cubase stops responding but eventually comes back and all is fine. Not 5 minutes but probably 1 minute and maybe one, two or three freezes on the trot before it settles down to normal operation.

I’ve not found a repeatable pattern or even project, and at these times I’m not even running the Ski app on my iPhone either. Also, I’ve not tried to uninstall the Ski remote device so this could all be a red herring!