5 missing features for perfection

Of course, this is sort of provocative, since everyone has a workflow. But dealing with a mid-range workstation, the missing features to me are:

  1. Freeze up to an insert: you insert an amp simulator on top of your plugin inserts, than process and sculpt your guitar/bass sound. These plugins tend to be the most CPU costly. The difference from Direct Offline Processing is big, freezing would freeze PRE section as well. Pre-fader sends could be frozen as well, but the best approach is debatable.

  2. Freeze a Group, and all channels that are directed to them.

  3. Freeze FX Sends, in the same spirit.

  4. Unload a plugin from memory keeping its settings (what about ctrl+alt+click?)

  5. Alt+Mousewheel to scroll vertically.

Ok, while writing, 5 more came to my mind, but these would take Cubase’s workflow to the next step. Direct Offline Processing is an initiative in the right direction, but you can’t drag’n’drop, can’t save chains as presets, many limitations. 4) alone would help a lot, since we could be emulating other freeze workflows with rendering tracks.

Suggestions are welcome. And, yes, Cubase 9.5 is great.

I’m only missing 2:

  1. Being able to save templates / projects with EXT in selected in control room mixer as monitoring point.
  2. Being able to use the mixer main metering for all inputs (i.e. EXT in instead of “main mix” )

Profile manager for every version.
Color sections vertically
Apply the new click patterns with a button in the pattern select window
Updated midi learn to be right click based on any parameter
Update the dynamic and vocal editing to a more modern approach. Just clicking up or down on the wave form. (Almost every DAW has this function)
Allow us to purchase certain functions such as plugin offline processing in versions aside from PRO

Just enlarge the scroll bars so we can grab them in one action

5 features I’d like to see:

  1. Freeze/render up to an insert - yep, this would be a great one. I regularly render Melodyne on the first insert slot, and it’s a pain to have to turn off the other plugins and fiddle with the settings to just get it to render the Melodyne plugin output.

  2. Render using project settings for the audio - that’s because I use FLAC for quick project sharing, but Render doesn’t even allow FLAC !!!

  3. Vari-Audio - standardise the controls so that we don’t have to keep pressing TAB - it’s just not intuitive. Why not just use the normal tools and tool changing key commands here???

  4. Option to put the lanes back to ‘lowest has priority’ behaviour. I still don’t like the new ‘active part’ behaviour, too confusing to adjust boundaries I find (also had a lot buggy behaviour here where the wrong parts become active, which doesn’t give me confidence in the implementation!)

  5. When enabling extra Instrument outputs, don’t use the default outputs, but copy the output from the previous insturment’s output (because I send all tracks to a group not the main outputs!)


Don’t we have a “Feature Requests and Suggestions” section for these?

Regards :sunglasses:

Multi-track free/time warp. It’s been in “Feature Requests” for a lot of years. I’m bummed to read it’s still not in, now, 9.5.

I’d like to see:

5 golden rings
4 calling birds
3 french hens
2 turtle doves
And a partridge in a pear tree

You old bird you :wink:

Moving channels/tracks from within the mixer.

Full blown Import Session Data… in exchange for the quasi Save/Load Selected Channels.

It’s a start :wink:

Moving channels from in the mixer was my feature request in the recent survey. Of course the next day I thought of probably six other things that would be nicer, but oh well, it’s still a good request.

Yes please.