5 string bass transposed wrong?

Dorico 1.2.
I have a 5 string Electric Bass in a score. Usually the lowest string on the 5-string bass is a B written below the 2 line under the system like this:
Skærmbillede 2017-12-05 17.48.13.png
But when I enter the note in Dorico it will write the low B an octave above! When I click the note it will play the right note. Confused?? Well so am I. Where can I change this behaviour?

Please see this earlier thread.

I have decided to make the move now to Dorico after 20 years with Finale and Sibelius. But it kinds of worries me that this issue was reported September 2016 and still is unsolved?
Hate to sound spoiled on the day of your big update, but please watch out to get those minor issues corrected.

I wonder how many bugs reported in either of the other scoring programs in September 2016 have been fixed by December 2017…? Or for that matter, bugs that were reported in, say, September 2012…?

We list every single bug fix we make in the Dorico Version History document – you can count them. All software has bugs, and we do our very best to fix issues as they are reported. This particular one is tricky, as Paul explained in the thread I linked to. It is still on our list to be fixed, and we will fix it in time, but I’m afraid I can’t say when that will be.