5 Studio hangs for minutes after recording


I just upgraded from Cubase 5 Essential to 5 Studio. One big difference is that when I hit STOP after recording a set of my bigband, Cubase Studio will hang from that moment for about 3 minutes. And then comes alive as if nothing happened.
During this period, I go through enormous amounts of fear that the entire recording may be lost…

It will then have recorded about 1 hour of 32 tracks, 24 bit, 44kHz audio.

Is this normal? Did I forget setting some preference? I never had this with 5 Essential, using the same hardware.

If anyone has advice or knowledge about this behaviour, please share it with me!


Unstable prefs is the answer. When I use the Play Tool in the sample editor, I’ll often get what you describe.

Try trashing your prefs and go from there.