5 to 8

I know I should have checked before I upgraded, I lost my old dongle or should they stole it when they stole my laptop and the dongle was still in the usb, so I brought a new one but never used it until now and I thought I could just transfer the old lic# to the new one and I see I was wrong on this one can anyone suggest what I can do here I would be very grateful

Hi there,
have you reported the theft of the dongle (including the licenses) to Steinberg? You should do that.
I’m sure they will provide you a new license code with which you can reactivate all your licenses online.
Tranfering licenses from one dongle to another works fine as long as you have both. If the original dongle is missing, only Steinberg can help.


It’s an bit unclear what version you are talking about, but if this is about an upgrade from Cubase LE 5 to Artist 8 or Pro 8, then Steinberg is indeed the only one that can help you.

All other versions (Artist or full version of Cubase 5) do not work without an USB licener with original licence, so even an new USB licener would not work (apart from the trial period) if you did not, or could not, transfer your old licence to the new USB device. In that case you could not have used Cubase 5 for longer than an month, without contacting Steinberg to restore your licence to the new USB key.

I only can assume the theft or lost (not sure what is the case here) occured less than an month ago, so I suggest to contact Steinberg as soon as possible, and make sure you have the original licence paper (and billing proof) ready. It helps to take an look at your account where you registered your USB licencer, too see what licence number is registred on your original (and now stolen or missing) USB licencer.

thanks I will do that