-50% off EWQL Stuff

I’m not sure how many of you know and/or are interested but the products I extensively use are all -50% off until 31st December and I’m picking up some of the ones I don’t have myself. If you were considering buying new libraries anyway then this xmas promotion saves loads of money.

Hollywood Strings won the award for best sample library last year voted by the readers and it’s only £200. This is the string library I use and it’s a steal at that price for how great it sounds.

The only comparison between the £200 gold version and the £400 diamond version I have is my short Disney/wedding track. Bear in mind that Youtube does compress the quality a bit, but the main difference is just the fact that the Youtube is using Gold which only allows the use of the main recording mics and the SoundCloud link uses Diamond which has main + mid recording mics, but diamond does include 5 mic positions (6 with divisi mics) that can be mixed to different levels and combinations to achieve different character and depth.

HS Gold: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwML5F3-EGc

HS Diamond: http://soundcloud.com/jonathan-priest/promise

All of the tracks on my channel use only the EWQL libraries that are on sale.

Just thought I’d post in case anyone wanted these products and missed out on saving this much money. Of course, the -75% off deal is still the best one (doesn’t include the Hollywood series) but you can only get it as a package of 7 libraries for around £600/700 euro, huge savings though.