50%off sale


I can not put coupon code, couldn’t find the place to put the code

not available for Japanese user?

(also couldn’t identify where I can ask on this forum, hope here is not wrong place)

I put in the coupon code but it did not work. Everything in my shopping cart is still full price and the coupon link no longer shows.

had same issue, would not take code. Also any one know is VST CONNECT PRO is 50 off?

I also wanted to use the coupon for an upgrade from Wavelab 7 to 8… unfortunately it didn’t work :frowning:

The downloads for the ‘trial’ versions take bloody hours !! So slooooow…

Is the discount for the Wavelab 8 by itself also? Downloaded the trial, but when I go through to purchase and add to cart no discounts. Just wanted to ensure that I’m not missing anything. - Thanks

I also wanted W8 but no, the discount is only for Wavelab elements 8

wow… It was a great thought. Appreciate the insight dinstante. I did pick up some of the plug ins though… and took advantage at least a few… Thanks again.

Oh well that was a waste of time. I spent all weekend researching and choosing my products, but when I went to pay for them the checkout system has just kept failing for the last three hours !! I tried and tried but it would just not accept my address or credit card details. And since 10pm the discount would not be applied. Plus it kept removing all of the items from my shopping cart.

Cant believe it !!


Took me four hours and managed to get the items thru the checkout system. Took lots of patience and persistence.

Bloody nightmare !! :imp: :imp: :imp:

i had no problem with Valentine date sales… thought i didn’t use the coupon code,i only bought some of the trial versions steinberg offered me by email and it was automatically 50% off when adding to shopping cart.

saying this i love the “Neo soul” sounds, the HS2 and H5 E-pianos don’t come close.
HSO also fine although its lack of todays articulations and depth of sound,
i likes also the sounds of “Dark Planet”
i didn’t go for “The Grand SE” as i felt its too harsh and static sound.
i think in general HS2 and H5 should have better factory sounds, cuz u can feel the difference when u got really good sounding samples and HS2 somehow cheesy sounds. especially with acoustic sounds and ethnic in particular.

Glad it went well for you Mozio !!

I bought six items :-
Grand SE3


Neo Keys

Dark Planet

Hypnotic Dance


The latter three I only bought because they were in the sale (otherwise I did not have plans to purchase them).

I took a chance on HSO just going on the advice offered on here. I could not find any demonstration videos of it on the Steinberg site.

The Neo Keys sounds great and very good value for what you get (even at the original price tag).

I really like the HALion Grand and to be honest I think I prefer it to my Nord Stage Piano. It certainly comes across beautifully in recordings. And it is handy to have an onboard piano sound so I do not always have to have my Nord Stage wired up.



I got HSO as well, not the best but for €50,- a definitive improvement over the HSSE orchestra samples and good enough for my basic needs in this area.
The store worked fine for me too btw, strange you experienced problems with it!

cool jazzlicks, u know whats best for u. i decided to go with WL elements 8 instead of the grand se.(limited budget)
enjoy it ! :wink:

Hi Strophiod,

So you bought HSO as well !! I wanted to improved on my HALion sample collection for the time being so that is why I bought it. But ultimately (as discussed in another of my threads), I am going to be purchasing a couple on non-HALion VSTi’s for my BRASS and ORCHESTRAL library.

Yes, it was strange the way the checkout system behaved for my attempted purchases. It took me about 4 x hours to get it to work !! Not sure if the Steinberg Site Shop was overloaded with customers during this time frame ?? I did submit a Support Request but I do not think they will reply now because I managed to make the sale work in the end.


Hi Mozizo,

I see you have Cubase 7 so did you buy Elements because you want to start Mastering ??

I always really liked the Grand 3 from when I first heard/used it a couple of years ago :-


I see you have a Korg PA800. My friend had one and I nearly bought it off him as I thought it would be a very good instrument for creating backing-tracks for my Duo. The onboard sounds are very good and the Dual mp3 Player is amazing !! I think there is the PA900 out now ??


mostly i use the motif es on gigs with bands, the PA800 i use much less, only when i have some ethnic style gigs and/or with a singer alone.
sometimes when im not lazy i take both :slight_smile: the PA800 has great accordion and some ethnic samples,synths also ok, but i don’t like the pianos there and the keyboard feel. i keep it cuz sometimes it get me good money for that kind of gigs i do with it :exclamation: :wink:

i dont know about the PA900…

I see lots of discussions and available Ethnic programs for the Korg PA series on the Korg Forum website. This genre clearly must be one of it’s strengths.

Yes, I imagined it would be very good for using live (or creating tracks) with a Duo. I never like the Yamaha PSR series at all.

Have you used your PA800 in conjunction with Cubase (like for sounds or creating backing tracks) ?? I wondered how that might work :question:

i rarely use PA800 with cubase,only if i need some ethnic sounds,not found in my computers sample libraries. i used to have some acoustic guitar strumming and some nice wha guitar for backup tracks… but mostly PA800 seats in its case in the dark until i need it for a show…!! i guess i need to use it more in studio.

Ta mate !!

I was just wondering if you could totally bypass Cubase and just create your backing tracks entirely on the Korg PA ??