+/- 500mb memory fluctuations on playback.

Hi there,

I’m using C8.0.2 32bit on 64bit Win7.

Many errors are being caused by hitting the memory limits of the 32gb applcation (I cannot yet use 64bit due to performance worsening and compatibility).

Upon project loading, C8 memory usage is around 1.7GB. Upon playback it grows to 2.2GB, then audio tracks randomly drop out, VSTi graphics don’t load, dragging audio clips become invisible.

I don’t understand why the memory usage fluctuates so wildly, and it makes most sessions crash, or worse, corrupt the CPR file as the project won’t save properly.

Can anyone shed some light on this? The memory usage doesn’t seem to depend on the position in the song (ie. VST3 plugins being enabled/disabled based on usage).


HP z840 workstation
Dual Xeon 2630v3
32gb DDR4 Ram
2x Intel 750 PCIe SSDs (project/samples)
GTX 980 Graphics
high end specs etc.

This is really messing my workflow up, I save up a version when a project crashes / gets unstable, and I’m on V29 on a particular project.

Is there a way to see memory usage per-plugin?

Watch the Task Manager while switching plugins on/off.