504 error when trying to download Steinberg Download Assistant or content

I assume it’s not just me?

Same here.

WTF. Of course. The one day I choose to reinstall all my software, the servers are down. For hours. Really? What is this? 1999? :roll_eyes:

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Installers for some programs are available on the download page in the Support pages, though I think the SDA is needed to download content.


I’m trying to re-install Elements 12 but I can’t get the files. The download link for the SDA wont work.


I can download the individual components from this page, but the link for SAM & SLM also don’t work.


I’ve seen a few other people mention the same problem on Twitter. Tried multiple computers, multiple network connections on my end, even asked my dad to try from a differnt country. Nothing works.

Please help!

(I’ve had to remove the first part of the URLs to allow me to post this)

I just built a new PC amd 7950 32g win11pro and I cannot get the download assistant to download I keep getting a 504 gateway error. I’ve cleared my dns, reboodte my PC, modems, turned off the firewall and nothing works. Help

504 is a server error - somone probably drove a backhoe through a fibre cable or there is other maintenance going on. Been 6 hours judging by the posts. Give it 24 hours - if it’s a backhoe it will take a while…

Same. I can not download anything I need.

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The server is up again.

I’ll close this topic.