♩.‿♩ = 54 in tempo instruction with correct note shape

Dear users,

There are some Korean rhythmic patterns with unusual tempo instructions as follows:
Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 12.47.54 AM
Using Dorico tempo popover, the following assignment does not correctly show a dotted crotchet tied with a crotchet.
q. ‿ q

Currently, I am using (♩.‿♩ = 54). It is very cute, but not good…
Are there other ways to express this kind of tempo instruction?

Thanks, in advance!

You can use MusGlyphs and write this as text.

MusGlyphs doesn’t have the equals sign with the dots, though.


If the dotted equal sign means “approximately equals,” then it would seem to be redundant given a range of bpm shown afterwards.